Liesel Wessels Art

Liesel WesselsAbout Liesel Wessels

I am a South African Artist & Illustrator, based in Bloemfontein, Free State.

I specialize in oil paintings and pencil/charcoal drawings.  Although I do the odd landscape and still-life artwork – I mostly work with female portraits.

Quick Career Information:
–  Part-Time Artists and Illustrator
–  Full-Time Graphic/Web Designer and owner of LIESEL Designs
–  Founder of Free State Arts Network
–  Manager of Bloemfontein Guide – Tourism Directory and Blog

For Fun:
I also love Photography, Interior Design, Reading, Writing, Poetry, Watching Inspiring Films and doing the odd craft project.

My art style:

I work in a variety of styles ranging from impasto, translucent, mark making to a combination of one or more.  I love details, colors and texture – depending on the effect that I want to create I even add objects like beads, number plates and stencils in my work.

I believe your art style is something that evolves as you learn and I am not afraid to try out new mediums or tools.


Liesel Wessels – Artist Statement

One of my most poignant memories in the pursuit of creating art, was when I was a young girl of about 11.  I stood up early to draw the mist that surrounded the Mthatha lake, where we had camped for the weekend.  I just remember how absolutely beautiful it was and how the camp guard constantly asked me questions, such as why I was doing it, why were I not sleeping like the rest.  Maybe at that moment, it was the tipping point – where I realized this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

When I create art, one of my strongest urges is to capture the beauty or the soul of the subject.  To bring it to life, in all its vibrancy of color, texture and essence.  I believe in all the world’s ugliness, its important to celebrate that which is good and beautiful, not just as a way to escape, but also to give hope.

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Artist CV:

2002 Painting/Drawing Course at Ernst de Jongh Academy
2003 – 2006 B.A. Fine Arts (UFS)
2013 Frikkie Kapp Photography Course

Top 3 Art Exhibitions:

2008 – CED Group Exhibition with Pauline van Tonder, Doret Bonthuys & 4 Other Artists.
2012 – Bellringer Group Exhibition with Este Mostert, Mariette Pretorius and various others.
2015  Free State Art in the Park with artists such as Helena de Waal, Lyn Hoyle and various others.